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导读:下载毙考题 APP 免费领取考试干货资料,还有资料商城等你入驻 邀请码:8806 可获得更多福利2018 年英语二小作文预测(一) 在变幻莫测的世界,有一份信仰,可以在你猝不及防时给你力量


下载毙考题 APP 免费领取考试干货资料,还有资料商城等你入驻 邀请码:8806 可获得更多福利2018 年英语二小作文预测(一) 在变幻莫测的世界,有一份信仰,可以在你猝不及防时给你力量,在你绝望时给你生存下 去的希望。


这一年这一刻又到 了,小编高老师祝福大家在这关键的一刻都可以取得自己心仪的成绩。


英语二的小作文 已考查 12 年。

为了对今年的试题有更好的把握,本人列举了几年试题题目,以方便大家进 行查阅。

首先,我们来看一看英语二历年小作文真题,后面附带的是 2006 到 2009 年曾经 MBA 联考的题目作为参考。

在这 12 年的考察中,经过比对分析和英语一小作文题目作为参考之后,我们不难得出一 些结论,感谢信最近几年考查比较频繁,作为今年试题考查点的概率比较低;2016 年的考查 点建议信和去年英语一考查相同,所以,出没概率也不高;另外介绍信去年的考察点,所以 pass 等。

经过整合,推断今年这几封信相对来说大家要重点参看,如:推荐信、道歉信、邀 请信、求职信、请求信、询问信、投诉信。

这些信件还是 2018 备考中的重中之重,切不可 掉以轻心。


例子 1:推荐信:Directions:One of your students, Liu Ming, wants to study for the master s degree under the supervision of Professor Smith in an oversea university, you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for him in about 100 words.推荐信可以有两个方向,一个为推荐人,一个为推荐物。


推荐 信的写作方式为一段点题 推荐;二段讲述推荐理由;三段再次强调扣题即可。

若为推荐人, 我们在第一段可以扩写推荐的细节,一般建议大家可以从四大角度进行扩写,如原因状语、 方式状语、地点状语和目的状语。


这个段落除了描述题干要求部分 的得分点, 其余原因其实可以和邀请信、 申请信、 介绍信中表扬人物的理由是一样的。

所以, 大家要明白有点知识点是可以整合唯一的, 这样就省去了很多不必要的时间。

若为推荐事物 的,一般考查话题如电影、书籍等。

所以,我们可以从以下几个角度进行分析,一般来说可 以公用,如情结的发展、语言的优美和教育意义等。

最后段落一般再次扣题,希望推荐人可 以接受推荐即可。

参考范文:Dear Prof. Smith,考试使用毙考题,不用再报培训班

下载毙考题 APP 免费领取考试干货资料,还有资料商城等你入驻 邀请码:8806 可获得更多福利I am writing to you to recommend one of my best students, Liu Ming, who wants to pursue his graduate study for a master s degree under your supervision.Liu Ming was an excellent student in our university as can be seen from his straight A grades on all subjects. He has passed the TOTEL test, indicating a good command of his English. More importantly, during the time he worked as my research assistant from July, 2010 to September, 2012, he had displayed great enthusiasm and intelligence on academic research.I believe with his diligence, intelligence and great passion, Liu Ming has great potential in his future academic pursuits. Therefore, I recommend him to you without any reservation. I am ready to provide any further information upon your request.Yours sincerely,Li Ming例子 2:道歉信Directions:You failed to finish an important task assigned by your professor because of a severe illness. Write a letter to your professor to express your apology, explain your reason, and suggest a solution to make up the loss.You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use ―Li Ming instead. Do not write the address.道歉信的考查重点应该在解决办法上。


这 样的题目考查点更加有针对性,考前创新很难办到,也就加大了考查难度。

但是,有人的地 方就会有路。

本人觉得记住句式结构,办法应该也是可以模块化的,句式整理出来就应该问 题不大。


下载毙考题 APP 免费领取考试干货资料,还有资料商城等你入驻 邀请码:8806 可获得更多福利Dear Prof. Patent,I am very sorry to inform you that I did not manage to complete the book report you assigned last week, due to a sudden illness falling upon me a few days ago. For the past few days I have been in hospital with a continuous fever, which has thus prevented me from any academic activity. I hereby submit the doctor s note.I would be very much obliged if you could grant me another week for the task, as my health is turning better.Hope you can understand my situation and accept my apology.Yours faithfully,Li Ming小作文相对于大作文来说,总体难度上并不大,但是细节比较多。

所以,大家应该多注 意书写格式和细节,成功决定于细节,细节决定了你的高度。



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